AJ Medical Manufacturing has 50+ years of successful innovative proficiency in the medical industry, ranging from R&D, Product Design to Device, and Consumable Manufacturing.

We possess the expertise to design, develop, validate, and manufacture Class I, II, and III medical devices. Our diversified medical manufacturing solutions provide lean manufactured products assembled in the U.S.A. that deliver quality, on-time products at affordable rates.

Our team comprises highly skilled professionals knowledgeable in Mechanical, Electrical, Fluidic, Optical, Consumable, Manufacturing, and Regulatory procedures & processes. AJ’s Quality Engineers integrate design concepts with development processes realizing a design-to-commercialization plan, including obtaining FDA approval and CE Marking to comply with regulatory standards.

AJ Medical Manufacturing’s best competitive feature for our clients, is our access to large and cost-effective manufacturing facilities providing complete, all-inclusive high-quality full manufacturing solutions.